Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ten recent missives of thanksgiving

1. we were able to get a killer deal for a new macbook pro.
2. God set up the deal right before the old computer puked.
3. we were able to save the data just fine.
4. God wants us to learn lessons in the small things so we can graduate to bigger things.
5. I'm finally getting a new driver's license picture, no more looking 16.
6. having a dog around to play with, even if our relationship is purely predicated on me having food for him. food whore.
7. we're going to have some sick suits for the groomsmen at the wedding. (hopefully)
8. God is present in the midst our daily lives.
9. wrestling with what it means to be a living sacrifice to God and how this is worked out in "loving our neighbor." short answer: it's hard and we need God's help!
10. 5 months and I'll be married! woot!
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