Thursday, March 20, 2008

collective gratitude

1. staff folks are back from catalina...
2. which means the fiance is back. i have missed her greatly.
3. fiance and wheaties rocked their studies as i had hoped and expected :).
4. a good friend has possibly found a special friend. i suspected it would happen soon, but i did not expect it to be THIS soon.
5. hanging out with jess & antony on tuesday night. it was good for my soul.
6. health. its a precious and fragile thing. i was filling out an application for insurance today and i skipped pages and pages of health history that i do not have. at some point i'll have to stop and read those questions, so despite feeling under the weather i'm grateful.
7. jz and dhoff being my work companions. the chat logs continue to grow. they keep my consumerist tendencies in check and i can nerd out with them :D
8. that God is good, He is present, and He is active in our lives.
9. gonna have a staff retreat next week that will be pivotal in what we focus on next and shape where i will work next :)
10. the beatles and dave clark five. haven't listened to that music in awhile... they made some wunderbarful moosic.