Thursday, February 07, 2008

return from oblivion...

okay not really, but its good that people are back :) ten things i've been thankful since i last wrote....

1. fun time cooking and chatting with the return of the gf!
2. peoples are back. didn't talk too much, but its an incredibly comforting just to have someone you know nearby.
3. late nights that are more productive than my day. just pounded out lingering todos. hiyah!
4. fun chats with jchan, dhoff, jz, and schen.
5. a clean desk. woot.
6. calling my grandfather in hk and wishing him a happy new year.
7. family.
8. my mac. i don't know why, but i'm realizing more than moving to mac made it fun to use the computer again. it reminds me of what i felt when i younger and felt like computers were amazing.
9. having a stocked fridge & clean kitchen. makes cooking so much easier and quite frankly -- not everyone has that luxury of having food.
10. coldstone with the gf :D

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