Monday, February 25, 2008

cool things as of late

aka...ten things that i'm thankful for...
  1. the track i've been eyeing for awhile: belief (live) from the continuum special edition finally showing up on amazon mp3 download store. the only thing hotter than a john mayer album is a LIVE john mayer album. and the only thing hotter than a track being available on an itunes is a DRM-FREE track on C'MON.
  2. engagement is kind of the kingdom here but not yet. you've made the commitment and there are foretastes of what marriage is like, but the real thing is yet to come. its a good place to be but i sure am thankful that i'm getting married sooner or later. :)
  3. new usher tracks. r&b is BACK. i can't wait. movin' mountains. this second one is going to be one of the hottest tracks of 2008. i'm calling it now.
  4. a renewed sense of re-connection with God -- seeing more answered prayer "but most of all I love to hear the voice of God..." - the prophet song, delirious?
  5. getting work done on a monday. YES.
  6. dance as an expression of heart. inspired by watching youtubes of kaba modern from america's best dance crew. dangs.
  7. someone important to me finally getting a girlfriend. HALLELUJAH BOUT FREAKING TIME. sooooo thankful.
  8. coming to the realization that i love technology and how it can change lives...and realizing again that this love is God given. awaiting redeployment!
  9. jesus, justice and poverty. re-envisioned in what it means to love our neighbor. may the Church arise again and show what it means to love beyond fences, political boundaries, sexual orientation, and our preferences. none of this weaksauce convenient love.
  10. finding expensive tea at 40% off (w00t) and running errands with the fiance.

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