Friday, May 19, 2006

7 Perspectives

1. The prophetic perspective: we can call/pray into being what we see with our spiritual eyes, what God has already prepared. This is often a hidden factor in the birthing of movements.
2. The historic perspective: I zoomed in on two movements that happened in Prague in the past - the Moravian reformation movement (Hus) and the Velvet Revolution of 1989, and how the three tipping point laws applied here.
3. The missional perspective: discipling post-Christendom Europe is only realistic when we think and act movements, small groups, every sphere of life, all believers, network dynamics, and the supernatural dimension.
4. The social perspective: a globalized, interconnected society needs an organic church that understands the network dynamics God embedded in creation, and that provides vital space where movement can happen.
5. The strategic perspective: we should focus our efforts and resources where it really matters, which implies we have to break with unhelpful/limiting church practices and structures.
6. The innovative perspective: if we think and act out of the existing church box, and out of our safety/comfort zone, we position ourselves for God's surprises.
7. The reformational perspective: the real paradigm shift we need is that it's all about Jesus and his Kingdom, not about the church. If we follow Jesus, church can happen everywhere, in many different expressions. We have to let go of human control and embrace the liberating reality that Jesus really is in charge and knows pretty well how to build his church.

SOURCE: marc's messages

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