Thursday, December 22, 2005

Testimony: David's back injury

When collecting my husband from a prayer gathering, the Holy Spirit gave me the name of a particular pasta & seafood restaurant in the south of our city, & told me to 'go'.

Seated at the table, the small of my back began to produce much pain. Forced out of my seat to gain relief, I attracted the attention of two ladies at the table next to my family.

"What are you doing?", one asked. "I am in pain, and this usually means someone here has a bad back injury." "Are you a chiropractor?" she asked me. I answered, "No, I am an Ambassador for Jesus Christ."

"What are you going to do?" she asked me. "Find out who this is & pray for healing." I answered. "Can we come?" they asked, and I nodded. They left their table & followed me as I walked towards the front counter. Just then He gave me another word 'Staff'.

I approached the Manager standing at the till. As I greeted him, I enquired if any of his staff suffered from a bad back. "Yes," he confirmed. "David." I asked if he would ask if David would allow me to pray for him. He asked my name - 'Mama Susanna' I answered.

A large man with a hefty moustache was turning the seafood in a cooking wok & he called David to the counter.

"Hello David. My name is 'Mama' & heaven just showed me you have a bad back. Just about here?" and I placed my hand where the pain had come into my back. He nodded. David shared that some days his back was so painful that he could hardly bend to open the cupboard & was in great pain to do his work in the kitchen.

"If you allow me, I will pray for you," I explained to David. "But I do not pray in the name of any other God, but Jesus Christ."

He consented, and led me to the end of the restaurant where the tables were not in use. I removed one chair & positioned it for David to sit on. The 'two ladies' from the adjacent table watched on quietly. I laid my hands on his back, & declared the goodness of God on David's life, & prayed for healing. A sense of power came from my left hand like short bouts of electrical current, & David began to react as he experienced 'tingling' down his back.

"What's that?" David exclaimed. "That's the power of my Jesus," I said. "He is the Healer of every sore back." As he continued to feel what he described as 'pins & needles' in his back, I prayed while comforting him that this was all in the hands of Jesus & that it was His power that was working in his body, not anything that I could do. He listened carefully, trusted me until..........

David was on his feet. It has been my experience that these sick people once healed do not take things quietly, but will move with such fervency that often you have to ask them to slow down. David was no different. He bent over, moved around, twisted himself from side to side, all the time smiling at me.

"How does it feel?" I asked him. His tears gave me the answer. He couldn't speak but was overwhelmed with emotion. Together we walked back to the entrance to the kitchen, & I promised to come back in a couple of days & check on him.

In the latter part of the week, I returned to the restaurant. The Manger recognised me, called me over to the cash register where many were waiting to pay their bills. He signalled me to come towards him, he told me that not once in the last few days had his employee David complained once of a sore back, & that this had not happened since David had begun work there. He then asked could I pray for him. He was not sleeping & was exhausted, trying to cope with his workload. He told me that if Jesus could handle David's bad back, he could also handle 'no sleep'. So in front of many, & with his permission, I prayed for the Manager.

As I stood there afterwards, I thanked those who were waiting to pay their bills for their patience, & told them how Jesus Christ had healed David's back. Some asked for prayer for other ailments, and I left.

At the week's end, I returned to the restaurant. David almost jumped the counter when I saw him, bending and sliding and rocking back & forth, saying he had never slept so well, enjoyed his life so much & that his back was totally healed - no pain. He also told me that he was leaving the job - to do things that he had never been able with a 'bad back'. He thanked me & shook my hand.

The Manager, also shared that he had slept 'like a baby' with great rest and peace. He asked me what else Jesus can do?

Great question indeed! I 'began' while the Manger, David, the entire kitchen, the waitresses, those in close range of the tables around me ..........paused & listened. It was one the most captive audiences in 'church' I had experienced. I told them what my Jesus had already done - the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - and what a future and a hope we all have because of His great choice, and of the love of God that changes anyone who will receive. Some just smiled; one or two wept; and one woman lifted her wine glass and said 'Cheers'. Everyone there was touched by the wonderful Good News of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit engages the most 'ordinary' men & women, & makes them 'EXTRA-ordinary'. He heals, He restores, He saves & He prophesise 'change' where the world cannot 'change'......He brings the 'possible' to the 'impossible'.

The Lord Jesus is the Way, the Truth & the Life!

'Mama' Susanna

Elijah's Thunder Family Australia

"Building relationships, loving people"



  1. dude, that's crazy...and that's how it should be.

  2. crazy good!

    for good or for awesome!

  3. dude, that's crazy...and that's how it should be.