Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Breaking free from domesticated Christianity....
"Being 'nice' was never one of my goals in life and being past fifty years old, I am not about to adopt that as a new goal. 'Nice' is not a fruit of the Spirit."

I am not more protected the more people that are praying for me. Where is that in the bible? The issue is whether or not I am in Christ and boldly obedient to Him no matter what my circumstances."

"Graham Cook says, 'I have seen many eunuchs in the house of the Lord and very few fruitful sons” (A Divine Confrontation, page 99). Yes, amen! Men who are faithful to the meetings and to the programs! Men who are submitted. But men who have no faith to do anything for God! Some of the most faithful people have the least faith! I have seen men who are totally loyal to a certain 'spiritual house' to the point of disloyalty to the house which Jesus is building."

The last one hit me pretty hard. This one is crazy in its implications. Like...its possible to be faithful but to the WRONG THING. Gosh. Its like building a house and being completely diligent and focused in doing it, but do it on the wrong foundation.

o_0. I don't want to be a eunuch anymore. Its time to rise up as a son.

Need to start looking for the places God is at. Where His Presence is evidently moving in imperfect people...how many times have I continued laboring where the cloud of His presence has lifted! C'mon man...the grace has lifted...


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  1. The Lord bless your open eyes and heart. Encouraged and inspired by your hunger for more of HIM alone. Embrace Him and the adventure, Son of God. Fight and stand up in the truth of who He is! He is so worth it!

    Hosea 6:3