Wednesday, June 22, 2005

-Andrew Strom.

I write this as a musician and a radical. Christian Youth of America, your generation is dying, and I need to ask if you are EXTREME enough to provide the answers. We know there never was anyone more "Extreme" than Jesus. But what about you?

Christian Youth, I need to ask why you sit in the padded pews of your fathers while all around the darkness takes your cities and your friends.

I need to ask why you worship the great god of Entertainment, just like your parents before you - but a bit 'louder' - and think that is "radical".

I need to ask why you think it is "extreme" to slam and mosh, when all the while the devil owns your streets, and fat Record Companies line their pockets with your cash.

I need to know why you have allowed the system to make you a slave - a "consumer" - a clone. I need to know why you can be sucked into buying $150 shoes and $200 sunglasses - while 30,000 children die of starvation every day.

I need to know why you will not cry out to the rich money-preachers "REPENT". I need to know why you still enjoy it when they tickle your ears and never speak of Hell. I need to know why you accept it when their gospel sounds like a toothpaste commercial - all slick and no substance. Well-dressed drones with plastic smiles, selling you the latest line in snake-oil. WHEN WILL YOU WEEP?

I look at your piercings and your tattoos and your hair and I still have to tell you: You are nowhere near EXTREME ENOUGH. The outward appearance will not do.

The time is coming when an army of young warriors will hit the streets - fearless and bold beyond anything we have ever seen. Even death itself will hold no fear. They will cry to the church "REPENT" and to the comfortable, "SELL what you have and GIVE TO THE POOR". They will be hated and despised by religious authorities. They will openly decry the TV preachers and eschew the watered-down pap that passes for 'gospel' in our day. They will reject sin and love people - even the homeless and the very least. Utterly pure of heart, they will befriend the prostitutes and the gang bangers. They will look and sound just like Jesus.

With great daring and ruthless aggression, this army will make war on the devil and the darkness. Their music will be hymns of battle. Their sound will ROAR over the crowd. Truly these shall be the 'Sons of Thunder'.

Christian Youth of America, can you not hear the call of God in this hour? All heaven awaits the moment when you will arise and ACT on behalf of your generation.

To the Christian Youth of America I say:

It is time to get "EXTREME".

God bless you all.

-Andrew Strom.

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  1. to be honest... a lot of what mr strom said really was sort of like a rebuke to me.. ..

    YES! i WILL get back on the right track!