Wednesday, June 22, 2005

NEWS: The Gospel among children in China

"For several years, an impressive revival has been taking place in China,"
reports mission agency Open Doors. The wave of revival also reaches
children and youth; numerous Christians risk sharing the Gospel with
children despite the ban on evangelising minors. "Anna" coordinates a whole
network of Sunday school teachers whose vision is to start a Sunday school
in every Chinese village. Every three months, around 100 new Sunday Schools
are opened.

Sunday School teachers are more dangerous than pastors Christian activities
are forbidden on principle, and because they influence children's thinking,
the Chinese government considers Sunday school teachers more dangerous than
pastors. If the Police track down a Sunday school teacher, he or she is
arrested and sent to a labour camp for two or three years. Sunday Schools
now have a significant influence on Chinese society; children are important
because of the restriction on only one child per couple. Children from
Christian families often bring their non-Christian school friends to Sunday
school; if the son or daughter converts to Christianity, they generally
influence the entire family. "The Gospel reaches at least five people - the
child, parents and grandparents," says Anna. When asked whether the
children understand the importance of being discreet about their
Christianity, Anna says "Even small children understand very well that
being a Christian can land you in jail. We tell them that God protects
them, but do not hide the risks. Matthew Chapter 10 is one of the
foundations of our teaching. Children understand the message with
astonishing maturity."

Already 40,000 Sunday Schools There are an estimated 40,000 Sunday Schools
in China, some with twenty children, others with a few hundred. "My husband
and I deliberately chose not to have any children of our own in order to be
able to concentrate on this work. Some 300 million of China's 1.3 billion
inhabitants are children and youths. Imagine - the future Chinese President
may be sitting in one of our Sunday Schools!"

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  1. got chills.. .literally reading this one.. ..

    i especially was wowed by the committment of the woman and her husband who are working in china.. .. i'm so excited for what God is doing, and is going to do not only in china... but around this world in the next couple years!