Monday, May 23, 2005

We Make God Small

Ran across somewhat randomly...
...everytime we're prideful we make ourselves big and we make God small
when we're addicted, we say that we get our satisfaction somewhere else and that God is not enough for us
when we're all jacked up on pleasure, we're saying it's all about now and God and His eternal glory is lesser
when all we talk about are things, we trade the glory of I AM for trinkets made by people
when we're vengeful, we say i've gotta make it right cuz i don't think God can and we make God small
when we worry, we say i'm gonna control the outcome cuz i don't think God can and we make God small
when we have the savior complex and we're always rushing in to help somebody, we try to elevate ourselves to be the rescuer and we forget that God alone does the rescue
when we strive to be good enough for God by our works, we elevate our effort over His sacrifice
and when we're busy, we just say that our stuff's more important than God's deep, longing desire to have an intimate relationship with us
and the answer to that is glorious death - it's saying no to sin, it's crucifying the flesh, it's stepping away from the temptation and leaning into the bigness of God with abandon

~louie giglio, 7:22

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