Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Soren Kierkegaard

Seeking God
"Let us compare two people seeking God. The first seeks God objectively, pursuing the idea of God through reason and logic. The second is driven by the infinite passion of his need for God, and feels an infinite concern for his own relationship with God. It is not possible to be both objective and subjective. The first goes to the house of God to pray, but prays in a false spirit. The second may even be worshipping an idol, but prays in a true spirit."

Passionate Response
"Christianity has declared itself to be the eternal, essential truth which has come into being in time. It requires an inwardness of faith which is an offense to the Jews and folly to the Greeks. It requires courage to believe that which is logically absurd. Yet it would surely be very strange if Christianity had come into the world just to offer a logical explanation of htings, as if JEsus himself were merely a philosopher. Christianity came into the world to demand a passionate response from each individual."

Interesting thoughts. Elaborate more later.

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