Sunday, May 22, 2005

Kierkegaard insight in regards to Christ:

"Christ's deepest concern is that there are some who wil never hear his invitation. he has no fear that too many will come, because he can receive all who seek his help. But he is anxious that some will be blinded by prejudice against him. He is anxious that some will be too proud to seek his help, imaginging they are strong enough on their own. He is worried that those who convey his invitation will fail to convince people that the help offered free. Above all, he is anxious that people will be so absorbed by the pleasures of this world that they will scoff at his invitation."

About church:

"On Sunday clergymen in the pulpil talk a lot of twaddle about Christianity's glorious and priceless truths, and the sweet consolation which it offers. But it is only too evident that the Jesus Christ to whom they refer is merely an historical figure, not a living reality."

This one made me think...I used to think that a Christian nation was a GOOD thing...but I'm seeing throughout history that Christianity fails to be Christianity when it becomes insitutionalized.

"We are what is called a Christian nation. But this Christianity is not that of the New Testament. The illusion of a Christian nation is due to the power which numbers exact. I am quite sure that most people in the nation are honest enough to say, to themselves at least: 'I do not deny that, I am not a Christian in the New Testament sense. I do not renounce the world. I am not willing to die for Christ. On the contrary earthly pleasure is more important to me than spiritual truth.' Yet these same people will equally assert that they try to lead good lives, earning the respect of the neighbors, and like to have the label Christian applied to them. When millions upon millions are like this, we describe the nation as Christian, and we talk of ourselves living in Christendom. It is a most dangerous confusion."

This one is nuts:

"The established Church tries to satisfy people's spiritual wants before they feel them. It offers spiritual wants before they feel them. It offers spiritual care to people's souls before they desire such care..."

I've been thinking about this in regards to evangelism....I think we as "prophetic" people need to understand when it is time for sowing, reaping. I always thought that "speaking in tongues" was knowing how to speak the language of the heart. Sometimes people need to hear about God's judgment, other's need to know his grace. Its rarely
a one-size-fits-all formula, 4 spiritual laws or romans road.

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