Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Holiness That Burns, Love That Conquers All

Some reflections.

We're so offendeded by the messengers. So much so that we miss the message.

I'm so afraid to speak truth, to confront. And to do so in a manner of grace.

We get caught up in the imperfections of others, we forget that even we, live and do things in the midst of our imperfections.

At the same time, we're so afraid to get in the middle and love others in their imperfections. We don't associate with "sinners" (haha, there's so much irony in that statement).

Christians, time to get in the game.

Its easy to point the finger and say "they" aren't speaking the truth with love. Let me ask, what are you doing? Are you speaking the truth?

It's so easy to point the finger and say "they" are compromising by associating with so-called "sinners." Let me ask again, what are you doing? Do you love others away from their Satan games?

Jesus came with the sword because he was altogether righteous and holy, yet altogether filled with love and compassion.

I have much difficulty reconciling the two sides.

Its amazing how often those two sides offend us. We'd so much rather stay in the middle and not cause trouble either way. We've been burnt so much by the hyper-holiness crew that we forget to love. Or we've been ashamed of the compromise of those who preach cheap grace, love, and acceptance. We must do both.

Jesus, how did you do it?


They gave up the game of minimum integrity long ago...they live with holiness that hurts the eyes.

And they will love others away from their Satan games.

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