Thursday, March 24, 2005

Faith, the Mind, & the Holy Spirit

"Faith is born of the Spirit in the hearts of mankind. Faith is neither intellectual nor anti-intellectual. It is superior to the intellect. The Bible does not say, with the mind man believes! Through faith, man is able to come into agreement with the mind of God.
When submit the things of God to the mind of man, unbelief and religion (meaning, form w/o power) are the results. When we submit the mind of man to the things of God, we end up with faith and a renewed mind. The mind makes a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.
Much of the opposition to revival comes from soul-driven Christians (soul meaning the mind, will, emotions). The apostle Paul calls them carnal. They have not learned how to be led by the Spirit. Anything that does not make sense to their rational mind is automatically in conflict with Scripture. This way of thinking is accepted all throughout the Church in Western civilization, which should explain why our God so ofte looks just like us.
Most of the goals of the modern church can be accomplished without God. All we need is people, money, and a common objective. Determination can achieve great things. But success is not necessarily a sign that the goal was from God."

Its interesting the Holy Spirit:
1. moves like wind -- apart from our control. (John 3:8)
2. has thoughts that are very different from ours. The scripture states that our logic and His are not just different, they are opposed to each other. (Romans 8:7, Isaiah 55:8-9)
3. refuses to be restricted by OUR understanding of the Word. (not to be confused with contradicting the Word)

Sounds more disruptive than orderly to me...boxed, well-defined and contained Christianity is much more preferable. NOT.

Ah God, grace to follow.
David was a man skilled in war. From his days as a shepherd boy to the days of serving in Saul's army to leading his own army, David learned to be a skillful warrior. How does one become a skillful warrior?

The only way one can become a skillful warrior is to be trained and placed in the middle of the battle. It is only when we are placed in the furnace of battle that we truly learn to fight the real battles. Practice doesn't make you battle ready. War games won't prepare you for facing your real enemy in the battlefield. The stark reality of being in the midst of the battle makes us effective warriors.

Simply reading your Bible will not make you a warrior for the Kingdom. Knowledge without experience is mere folly. Only when you are placed in situations where there is nothing or no one who can save you but God will you learn the lessons of warrior faith. This is the training ground of God, which will make you into a soldier for Christ in the workplace. Consider it to be suicidal faith - faith that says I want to be dead to anything that keeps me from fulfilling God's purposes for my life. It is when your efforts can do nothing to change your circumstance and you are at the mercy of God. These are the real training grounds of God. Do not shrink back from the battle that God may be leading you to today. It may be a training ground that is necessary for the calling He has on your life.

If you can trust Him in these times, you'll know that you have gained a faith that will move mountains and will sustain you in the most difficult of circumstances. "Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle."


  1. "the mind makes a wonderful servant, but a terrible master"

    dang, that is so freakin profound! awesome benson, awesome!