Thursday, February 24, 2005

Where is the money going?

At Doug Perry's website he has what he calls scary stats. I've presented some of Perry's writings before here. He mainly points out the material excesses of the Christian church in the west compared to the poverty in Third World countries. Recently he wrote an Apology to the World in which he apologizes to the world for the excesses of Christianity in the west,and in America especially.
So now here are his scary stats. He gets them from World Christian Trends by David Barrett and Todd Johnson; William Carey Library.

*95% of all church budgets in the U.S.A. are spent on our own comforts and programs.
Contrast that to 0.01% spent on evangelism to the unreached.

*Estimates say that the Christian church loses $5,000,000 (yes that's 5 million) PER DAY to embezzlement by trusted leaders.

*We can help a Brother or Sister start a business in India with a loan of as little of $25.

*More than 90% of all Christian materials are in English, but only 8% of the world speaks English.

*Percent of Christian resources in countries that are at already more than 60% Christian-99.9%
Percent of resources spent in countries where less than half of the people have EVER heard of Jesus-0.01%

*It is estimated that Christians worldwide spend $8 BILLION PER YEAR going to the more than 500 conferences to TALK about missions.
That is TWICE the total spent DOING missions.

*Costs of ministry per baptisms per year:
In India-$9803 per year.
In the USA-1,550,000 per year.

*USA Christians control TRILLIONS in assets while at any given time 200 MILLION Brothers and Sisters live in the worst kind of poverty on the very edge of starvation.

*More than 70% of Christians now live in countries where they are experiencing some type of persecution.

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