Friday, February 25, 2005

The Geek Box

My current Firefox extensions:
- Ieview: right click and view the page in IE.
- All-In-One-Gestures: this is dope. mouse gestures! Once you start you can't go back.
- SessionSaver: whether you crash or close, it will restore all your tabs and current pages.
- disable targets for downloads: prevents download links opening a blank window, this one is good.
- auto copy: selects text to clipboard immediately, like trillian and irc. this one is pretty neat too. kind of weird for compulsive highlighters like me though.

If you guys check a lot of websites frequently, chances are they have rss feeds. Use, you can check ALL your sites at once. This is bomb diggity. I don't even use my livejournal friends page, or xanga subscription page anymore. I get my comics, news, deals, blogs, and pretty much anything else that updates and has an rss feed. Kind of annoying checking bloggers, livejournals, xangas all in different places eh? :)

This ends today's version of the geek box. w00t.


  1. what on earth...

    i wish i understood all that you speak of. haha


  2. I love ieview. It lets me remember what the stone age was like, when all I had was IE.

  3. man...i have SOO many firefox extensions, including the ones you mentioned haha. i dunno, is bloglines better than sage? i'm really loving sage right now haha.

    g33ks are awesome =)