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Spiritual Tsunami, Wolfgang Simson

SOURCE: Spiritual Tsunami

The Current Spiritual Tsunami - God is Shaking and Watering
The 26th of December is a day, when people in many parts of the world feast drink and celebrate themselves under the name of Christmas. It is also the day that in Roman Catholic Cultures is remembered as “Stephens Day” – a day to remember the first Martyr of the Christian faith, Stephen (Acts 6). Today, Prof. David Barrett estimates an average of 166.000 Christians martyrs per year. Do the stones scream? Does God´s earth revolt? Interestingly, this day, the 26th of December, has a stunning history of catastrophes:




Number dead



Earthquake 7.8

20.000 - 30.000



Plane Crash Antonow AN-26



NW Europe

Storm Lothar

more than 100


Bam, S. Iran

Earthquake 6.6



Indian Ocean


ca. 200.000

The Natural as a mirror of the Supernatural
It is sound biblical teaching that the Natural is a mirror of the Supernatural. “The spiritual did not come first, but the natural – and after that the spiritual” (1 Cor 15). A God that is actively participating and even shaping the things of this world is definitely not only informed about current events, He has actively allowed this to happen. This can only mean one of two things: he either (passively) allows judgement, or he actively judges by means predicted in the New Testament as pre-endtime announcements of impending judgement: war, deseases, inflation, earthquakes (Mt 24).

Earth Axis moved 8 cm
The Tsunami has created a shift in the earth axis: scientists say, it has moved up to 8 cms. Has the spiritual axis of Christianity moved, too?

God is coming out of his dwelling to punish the people with his sword: the Leviathan, the monster of the sea. The earth is defiled by its people, who have disobeyed the laws, violated the statutes and broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore…The foundations of the earth shake, the earth is split asunder, it reels like a drunkard, so heavy is the guilt of its rebellion…” (Isa 24)

God is no Santa Claus
A need-driven church-culture, infotainment-preaching, cheap grace, selfish denomination-building have created a Church that is no Church in the biblical sense any more. The seeds of humanism, individualism, the worship of our own opinions and the works of our own hands, powered by plain, widespread disobedience and rebellion to God has created a Church-shaped Religion that is geared to maximize the flesh. It has discovered God as our universal servant – his duty is to provide everything from health and wealth, fun, business and marriage partners (if we feel so, even more than one) and parking lots - and he´d better do so on time, or else we switch church. Libertinistic do-as-you-please-Christianity has not only dethroned the biblical God as King and Lord. It is worshipping two new Gods: individualism and the socalled freedom, to do as one wants. By default it installs personal wellness as the new judgement seat, and rejects any biblical standards, laws or statutes, violates every sound biblical discipling and building patterns. Of course, it protests loudly at even a hint of a present or future judgement of God as a threatening concept for little children. It is drunk with the image of a materially successful and independent individual, blessed endlessly by a purely loving God who is far removed from everyday life - a lovely, nice and cuddly grandfather, smoking his pipe in his rocking chair and benevolently giving gifts. I call this “Santa Claus Deism”, the pagan concept that God, after creating the world is not any more actively involved in the current world affairs. This caricature of God Is not only a diabolic distortion of the true God, it serves to cradle billions of people in ignorance and sin. But this caricature won´t carry people: it will split open like a soap bubble – specially when a crisis comes. Such selfmade sunshine theologies and American-dream-supporting church-systems will not be able to give any solid answers to the increasing questions our societies face: why all that pain, divorce, drugs, porno-addictions, pathological depressions, fits of rage and fear, ADD, suffering, unemployment, terrorism, demonisation and insecurity? And it will deceive and fail us, it won´t deliver a truly safe path into the future, especially in this Inspiration Age that we have already entered.

Any sober statistical glance at todays traditional Churchianity will show us that it is being shaken to the core, as, for example, John Noble in his excellent book “The Shaking” documents. Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch in “The Shaping of Things to Come” (a must read) document the cul-de-sac situation of traditional Christendom, because it is hopelessly attractive, dualistic and hierarchical. And many Christians are listening! As a result, a change of global proportions, of reformational dimensions, is under way. But what of those that won´t change? I personally believe for a number of reasons that remnants of traditional Churchianity will always remain. These remnants will have one of two choices: either they will enter even further into spiritual oblivion, exist in a laggard-minded, hyper-conservative and basically fearful bubble of religious selfpreservation until the funds last. Or, traditional churches will join the rank of those streams that flow into an ocean of religious and selfcentered ecumenism. There, people will eventually believe everything as long as it is not written in the Bible. There, God is reduced to a distant author of a set of interesting but not binding “world ethics”, and because everything is so do-able, people make themselves hyper-busy in the sense of a churchy version of the UN. Since God sems dead, all work has do be done by humans. And so they fight poverty with the means of Mammon, become activists with endless political and liberal programmes, all unknowingly geared to ultimately procure a religious red carpet for a false Messiah, the Anti-Christ. At least someone will have to welcome this person with shouts of Halleluja and Glory…

A Tsunami of Grace and Judgement
And at the very same time, we can see, if we look, a new day, a day of spirtual harvest of truly biblical proportions, with new plants and seeds of God that sprout, grow and blossom. There is not only a “Tsunami of Jugement” – there is also a “Tsunami of Grace” – and we need to see both, otherwise be become unbalanced and unhealthy enthusiasts.

I see a relationship between the Dec. 26th, 2004 natural Tsunami and a Spiritual Tsunami of God, that many healthy prophets have seen and spoken of in recent years. The Tsunami of God does two things: to wash away everything that has no sound foundation. This is the judging, cleansing, terrifying aspect. And sadly many Christians, it has been prophecied and you can see it happen right now with your own eyes, will be and are being washed away with it, not because God wants that at all, but because they are heavily burdened with their own parcels, idols, baggages and rubbish they just won´t let go of when the waves come. Or they are lead astray by false shepheards that tend themselves. Or, educated beyond obedience, they have built their life-castle on sand (Mt 7). And so they are dragged under by their own choice, not by God´s design. In comparison with these two Tsunamis I see these striking similarities:

            Natural Tsunami

            Spiritual Tsunami

            Foundations are washed away

            Traditions and structures are shaken to the core

            Security is gone

            Financial desaster is hitting large churches and mission circles

            Houses and large buildings washed away

            Individuals and Churches washed away by every wind of teaching

            Dead bodies everywhere

            High % of youth, Pastors wives, Pastors & leaders have given up

            Destroyed shops

            Empty leaders that rely on others to lead and provide nourishment

            Wave of Orphans

            Spiritual Orphans, the Out-of-Church Christian phenomenon

            The Poor suffer most

            Rich middle and upper class Christians overlook the “Poor Brother”

            The tourists have the microphone

            The Western nations and their agenda dominate Christian news

            Corruption often prevents help to the most needy

            Pseudo-christian empire building takes large cuts of funds

            Military Spending: 900 bn/a; disaster relief: 1 bn/a

            98% of Christian funds flow into Selfpreservation 2% into mission

            Lack of coordination in relief-work

            Lack of unity, everyone does as he please

What does this mean
It means God is doing two things:

1) He is actively judging the church through allowing it to enter a Babylonian Captivity. In my latest book, The Price of Money (published 1/2005, in German only so far), I document that if the Holy Spirit is no longer the driving force of the Church, Mammon is. And Mamon and Babylon have a very interesting relationship. Part of this Captivity is the current obsession with hyper-activistic high adrenalin programmes and approaches (G12, Willowcreek, EE etc.) celebrated as saviours for a run-down system. This is why it was spot-on what a Korean pastor’s final comment was, after touring the US: “Its amazing what you people can do without the Holy Spirit”.

I have been amongst those inviting Bill Hybels to Germany in 1993, because I saw the desperate state of Evangelical Christianity here. Not listening to prophetic or strategic issues at all, I hoped they will at least listen to one of their own best. And they did. But what if Willowcreek starts petering out, loosing its own youth, as it is starting to happen right now, after some time bored stiff with weekly confernces called services in sinfully costly new temples of glas, with polished and glib messages for the “seekers”? Will 10.000s of WillowCreek Idolaters (people who naively believe the lie: “copy Willowcreek and have similar results”) fall into a dark pit of self-pity? Who ever warned them? And which Guru to follow now? This all reminds vividly of the people of Israel under the rule of Pharao: in the past they built Pharaos structures with bricks, but now they also have to come up with the straw and work double-time. And a whole world is deprived of the Gospel of Jesus because of an unapostolic church extraordinarily busy with itself, and desperately running to get straw and bricks to let the show go on. [emphasis mine]

2) The other thing God does is that He gives all of us a fantasic, historic chance to build again, to renew our foundations, to rebuild the ancient ruins, to open clogged wells of the past, re-touch the age-old apostolic and prophetic foundations, and become part of probably the last harvest on this planet.

What, therefore, should we do?
Repent, restore and reform

  • Repent from ways chosen in disobedience to God, including selfish, rebellious church patterns based on tradition, competition, or need-oriented, megalomaniac strategies. Let´s repent of our blatant neglecting of the poor, our defiance of apostolic building patterns, our shameless rejection of sound standards in the area of sex, money and power, the idolatry of worshipping our own ministries, the false securities and identities of denominationalism, traditionalism, nationalism, tribalism and Guruism. This also means we have to turn away from listening to false prophets that our ears have been glued to. Remember? In 1990 most charismatic leaders have predicted a worldwide revival in the year 2000. Only a very few, amongst them my friend Christian Schwarz, have predicted a church that is more sinful, ineffective and selfcentred then ever. Who was right?
  • Restore the apostolic standards, return to the universal building patterns of God, read it again like Josia, re-dig the ancient paths, re-open the old wells, “mend the fences, rebuild the walls, restore the streets with dwellings” (Isa. 58)
  • Reform by building according to age-old revealed apostolic building patterns of God, like the ones he showed to Noah, Moses, David/Solomon, Nehemia, Jesus, Paul. Maybe then, and then only, will God come – not for a short religious moment, but come to stay. As a response to obedient, humble, corporate, accurate and quick building according to God´s revealed patterns.

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