Thursday, November 04, 2004

Post Election Hysteria

In response to all anti-Bush and pro-Bush hysteria post election...

"Vote for Pedro. He'll make your wildest dreams come true."

As I was sharing with several friends yesterday...I'm glad that Bush won.

Yes, I voted for him.

Some thoughts:

>> The thing that's bothering me is the utter polarization of the body of Christ on this issue of elections. I expressed to another friend the night of the elections, is that I can see why a Christian can vote for Kerry. I think Bush did as good as a job as he could have of these past four years; I admire his faith, I admire his strong decision making. To some conservatives, they make it seem that Bush is without fault, the best president we've ever had. History will bear on the validity of a statement like that, but to say that Bush has done a fantastic job in his first term is to turn a blind eye to all the shortcomings of this administration.

>> I truly believe that Bush was re-elected because of the prayers of the saints. The amount of prayer into these elections was tremendous, and I think that there was much grace over the selection of Bush. Now I'm not saying prayer in the sense of "God, bring Bush back into office." But the prayers and cries for 1 Tim 2:1-2; for righteous and just government. In some sense, we got who "we" wanted. But now that God has put Bush into office (he very well could have put Kerry in there), he is God's man. I'm thankful that Bush has a vibrant personal faith...but it is imperative that we as believers continue to pray for our congress and the president. There is immense potential for much righteous and just legislation to be passed this year, but so much of that is dependent on Christians not suddenly falling into complacency and thinking that everything is "okay" now that Bush in office.

>> Folks, America is sick. The fact that we are the point where homosexual marriage, the basic unit of society, is being challenged...indicates to me how much the standards of righteousness have been eroded in our nation. Our blatant and utter disregard for the poor and disenfranchised will bring the judgments of Sodom and Gommorah upon our nation (check Ezekiel, they were destroyed for their lack of concern for the poor...not just their immorality). It is disturbing that it is taking us this late into the game to wake up.

>> I'm sick of the Christian posturing the Republican Party has so patently abused in these elections. The reason why people don't believe you when you do all this Christian jargon is because your actions fail to reflect what Jesus preached. Yes, you are concerned about morality. But morality in itself is death, and is essentially Pharisical legalism.

Democrats are generally more lax on issues of morality: " Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law. " Proverbs 29:18 Our government desperately needs the righteousness that the GOP espouses and the justice that the Democrats push for. These two things ought not to be mutually exclusive.

>> I voted for Bush personally because I am more concerned about the foundation of our society being eroded than any other issue. Research by anthropologists and sociologists all suggest that once a society moves beyond the basic family unit, that it moves into a slipperly slope that can only get worse. That for me is the most pressing concern.

Second is on the issue of abortion. I can't for the life of me, comprehend why people are making qualitative comparisons between the war on Iraq and the abortion of babies. Do you realize that 1/3 of our generation has been aborted? How many million innocent deaths is that? Yes, the war on Iraq has many innocent casualities; but at least we are there with the INTENT of bringing order to chaos. Are we doing a good job? No, not necessarily. Abortion is PRIMARILY an outlet of Western convenience of not bearing the consequences of our actions. You don't "accidentally" have a baby. You had a sex. Sperm, egg. No mystery here.

>> It's unfortunate that we have to "rank" the problems in our nature as what to deal with first. Its really lame, really.

Anyway, I'm going to cut this ranting short. In the end, our government desperately needs the mind and wisdom of God. Especially in Bush's second term...there is a potential for so much good to be done...all across the board.

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