Sunday, October 31, 2004

Show You Love

Interesting trailer I watched: Spanglish.

The soundtrack caught my ear towards the end; it was Jars of Clay song, Show You Love.

Speak- say the words that no one else will ever say
Love- love like the world we know is over in a day

I'm gonna show you a love in every language
I'm gonna speak with the words that need no form

I'm gonna give you what you never had before

You're beautiful and I am weakened by the force of your eyes
So shine bright to separate the truth from the lies
I'm gonna show you love

It's a pretty cool trailer. I think there are going to be some quality movies coming out in the next month or so.

Things have been going well, I'm feeling a bit on the dangerous side emotionally...meaning I think I might break in way or the other at some point. However, I think I am doing well...God's been good...just leave it up to the devil to point out the little things that have fallen short in the past couple days.

I sometimes ask the question if God's goodness is enough to save me from myself :)

God's been doing a lot with the prayer meetings; I think the topic of intimacy has been brought back as the core of what we are doing. It's really cool, I think inevitably as we focus on the first commandment, the second will naturally follow. I'm finding how true it is when we seek God's kingdom first in our lives, everything else follows. Still learning of course.

I'm in the middle of a fast with my church....its been kind of difficult to consistently stick it. I'm finding that much of what I do is more for the benefit of man and not for His audience. It's one of those things that you thought would not be there, and would hope isn't...but there it is...plain and ugly, in the light of His holiness.


That, my friend, is what I call, lame.

It's disappointing to realize that when no one's watching; there are things that I start doing that aren't consistent with the things that I say. I guess I could plead the fact that I'm at home, and I'm just unwinding from the day...but last time I checked the Holy Spirit didn't say take a day off from obeying the Word.

Sorry for the somewhat somber post, but that's where I'm at emotionally right now. God's still r0x0rs my b0x0rs though :)

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