Friday, August 27, 2004

"DEEP calls unto DEEP"
-Vickie Johnson.

In this past month God has shown me a lot of things concerning our choosing to go right to His heart. One of the things He showed me was a vision. The vision was of people, masses of people, all coming out of a wilderness. The words I was given when I saw this was 'it's a mass exodus out of the wilderness.' But I also saw that it was the forerunners who were coming out. As we came out we looked around much like someone would if they just woke up in unfamiliar surroundings. When we looked around we noticed the thers that were also coming out.

When I saw the others I instantly knew that each of us had been totally alone with the Lord yet we had been alone all together. It was a Hosea 2:14 wilderness time for masses of people whom God has chosen to be forerunners. This wilderness was a time for each of us to create our own personal history walk with our Beloved. And that walk enabled us to come out on the other side leaning on our Beloved. We are coming out and we are leaning on our Beloved, but we are not yet ready. While I saw us coming out, I also notice we were not dressed in Bridal clothes. What I saw was that it is the beginning of the beginning of our coming out and I saw that it was Jesus personally taking us to meet His Daddy.

I feel it is time for us to go to the place of meeting Daddy. That place is where the deep that calls to deep meets. When the Deep in us, which is the Holy Spirit, calls out to the Deep of God, and the Deep of God calls out to the Deep in us, the place where these calls meet also will be violent. But it will be the Lord's violence, His violence of love for us. This is the place where Jesus is now taking those who are coming out of the wilderness.

I hope I am explaining it to you ok and that you understand. I have been so calling out from the depths of my being that all else in my life dims in comparison. A vision I saw on this was of me running down a dark path, crying out in lovesick pain to the very core of His heart. On both my left and right sides things of my life were trying to get my attention. But I just swam right past them as if they were made of dust. They mattered not. All that mattered was to get to the secret place of His heart....

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