Friday, August 27, 2004

Because Audrey set out a challenge, I am distracted, and I feel somehow guilty for not posting lately:

we were meant to live for so much more
have we lost ourselves?
somewhere we live inside
somewhere we live inside...

for me it means taking hold of what God has in store for myself everyday. its kind of like seize the day, except seizing the day is more selfish. it's about seizing the moment based on your desires and impulses, not what God has in store. its a seemingly minor distinction, but it makes all the difference in the world. what God has in store for me is so much more than my puny little mind can comprehend or process. when i look at my day, i can only see to the horizon (figuratively speaking). when God looks at my day, he sees past the horizon. he sees the day and the evening. every little thing. i'm reminded by the c.s. lewis quote about settling for playing with sandcastles in the mud and not knowing what it means to have a holiday by the sea. man, we settle so easily! and God in his infinite goodness and awesomeness is telling us daily. "my child, i have so much more in store for you." SO MUCH MORE.

but in order to grasp this more, we have to take up our cross. i think that's what it means to live. in order to live for so much more, we must die to ourselves, our desires, our wants, and impulses, our instincts, our rights, our privileges...and lay them at the cross. its funny because believe it our not, the natural is incompatible with the supernatural. somehow we manage to convince ourselves that we can have what God has to offer and eat our own cake too. God can only do as much as you allow him to in your life. if you yield everything, he will take everything.

these lyrics speak to the God-magnet in all of us. it is a sad thing not have that yearning, that magnetic pull to live out everything that was written about us in the book of life. we were meant for so much more in life.

i believe God's speaking that to a generation...will this be the generation that rises to the call? God's singing it over us... "You were meant to live for so much more..."