Friday, July 02, 2004

a life of highest praise, it's all yours

-- GC (Generation Church, youth group at church) last night was tizzight. To enter in is a choice, you can spend the rest of your life in the outer courts...or you can surrender all with a sacrifice of praise, and enter into the beauty, the awe, and the joy of His presence. Why do we accept mediocrity when we can exchange it for abundance? Why do we settle for a life of struggle when He says we have the victory? Why do we toe the lines of sin instead of fleeing from the evil desires of youth? It is always more costly to disobey for the sake of convenience, comfort, or the pleasure of sin instead bearing the cost of obedience now.

-- Joy at work...last week was tough, but this week has been much better.

-- Meeting with Him in the most unexpected places and times.

-- Good talks, good times.

-- Pondering many things, what will pop out?

-- tree63 this weekend in Carlsbad.

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