Thursday, April 01, 2004

After class, I remembered this song from waaaaaaay back...

I want to know You more

Just the time, I think that I'm at peace with the world that's mine
I feel at ease, I feel at home and I know I'm not alone.

Then in my rest there comes a test that shakes me til again I know.
That what I've had is not enough and again I've got to grow.....*

*Lord I want to know you more
Deep within my heart I want to know you
Lord I want to know you
And I would give my final breath
to know you in your death and resurrection
Lord I want to know you more.
Lord, I want to know you more.....

The full supply I find as I come close to the heart of God.
To strengthen me to nourish me and to fill my mind with him.

I've truly grown but even so my hunger hasn't gone away.
Still i long, still i thirst to know him more each day...*

This song was the theme of the retreat which I often point to as one of the most pivotal moments of my life. It's kind of funny, that some 7-8 years later, God reminded me of it...

God, set his campus aflame for you ... to want you more than anything. Jesus, may you be our one desire, our only sure thing ... our portion. Holy Spirit, set eternity in our hearts... I want to live for so much more than this!

Intimacy is the longing of our hearts, Lord...

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