Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Quotes rampage!

"Honestly, everybody can be a stud. Wanna know the secret? Forget about yourself. The most attractive people I know don't really notice (or care too much) about how attractive they are. Their focus is on something outside of themselves... and it drives the opposite gender crazy. They tend to see it as "confidence without being cockiness." As soon as the "desperate" seminary boys take this to heart, they lose their desperation and become eminently dateable.

You know what Rich Mullins calls this "self-forgetting"? Humility. "Humility isn't about putting myself down. It's about being so lost in God, and so aware of others, that I forget that I even exist." (That's as close as I can get the quote... I heard the interview on KLove a few years ago)" -- christopherchu

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