Monday, March 08, 2004

Quote parade:

"Financial numbers of all kinds annually reach "record" levels until inflation and buying power are taken into account. At the end of Bill Clinton's second term, the defense budget was at a "record" level, but adjusted for inflation was nearly 50 percent lower than the peak Ronald Reagan budget. If Social Security payments were not indexed for inflation, they would still set a "record" every year while annually declining in real value. Etc. It's an embarrassment to journalism when big news organizations act as if they don't know about real-dollar valuation." -- Easterblogg

Interesting post today regarding gas prices... I encourage y'all to keep tags on this blog. Speaks from a conservative mindset, but actually *gasp* thinks about what he's saying. He's willing to challenge the status quo w/ compromising his beliefs. I don't agree with him on all accounts; but he gives credit where its due and criticizes when its appropriate.

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