Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I think one reason I haven't been posting as much this year is because...believe it or not... I'm more busy. Yeah, I came to this grand realization in the middle of one of my classes. You see, during my freshman and sophomore years ... I was "busy." Studying was definitely a choice that I made ... whether I actually studied wasn't as critical as it is now. Frosh and sophs .. even high schoolers ... for the most part, if you choose not to study, you'll be okay. When you get to this point ... studying is a do or die. When I said I needed to study as a freshman, I really meant that given the choice between hanging out and studying ... I would err on the side of studying because I was nerdy like. In retrospect, I probably didn't have to study half the times I said I did. Now, I find myself saying the same thing .. except, doh...I really need to study.

So, back to the point. I think life's gotten a lot faster. Today I walked to and from the bus stop ... which is a good ten minutes of walking. You compare that to the frenzies 2-3 minutes it took to bike to school before, I found myself today with much more "quiet" reflecting time than I have had in awhile. Even though I was always studying as a frosh/soph ... I still had remarkable amount of time of quiet. Which would explain the long posts from the past two years :). Many of those came out of several days of pondering, not about anything serious ... but being able to process through my thoughts. Now? *faaaarrt* Yea, you have the opportunity and you let it alllll out.

Hehe...anyway, I'm still learning the balance. I'm finally finally being more intentional in relationships ... which has been definitely awesome. Now, if I could just be more consistent in responding to email...

So yesterday I finally got a chance to go running for the like the first time in...uhm. Right, so I was listening to John Piper sermon ... and oh man, it was really really good. Maybe it was because I just so hungry for something new, something to chew on ... but wow, it was excellent. And to top it off, not only did I feel cleansed and refreshed in my spirit .. it started raining towards the end of my run. Dude. There are few things in this life that are more awesome than light ran in the evening while you are running. Man. Anyway, I encourage y'all to take a break from listening to music sometimes and pop in a sermon. We're called to be transformed by the renewing of your mind ... what you THINK on will is what you will ACT on. What you speak will be an outflow of what's in your heart. What's written on your heart? Dreams of your career, money, relationships? What's on your heart will translate into what you think about and in turn flow out of your mouth. So yeah ... get cleansed yo. You can download John Piper's sermons online ... listen to Pastor Judah Smith from The City Church Seattle too.

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