Tuesday, March 30, 2004

"Discipline is the human effort to create the space in which God can be generous and give you what you need. When you are fearful, worried, or anxious, you want to control your life and to hold onto the reins. You want to do it your own way, whether it's like the younger son or the older son. The practice of discipline is to let the Father touch you, let the Father forgive you, let the Father receive you. And for that you need to be available; you have to be home. You have to have an address if you want to be addressed. You have to be at home in order to receive a guest or to receive God. So disciplines are ways of creating a space, a home within, in which God can come into your life to forgive you, to heal you, and to bring you many gifts.

"The first discipline is listening. The word listening in Latin is audire. And if you listen with great attention the words are ob audire. That is the word for 'obedience'. The word obedience means listening. If you are not listening, you are deaf. The Latin word for deaf is surdus, and if you're actually deaf, you're ab surdus. The 'absurd' life is a life in which you're not listening. An obedient life is a life in which you are listening." -- Marcs Messages

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