Thursday, February 05, 2004

Mad props to Evan Earwicker...

"Two years ago, some friends and I began recording a handful of worship songs. We sat for hours in my basement, recording, worshipping, mixing. The project that resulted was ?Dance with Me?, and God has taken that project around the world. I?m amazed. After two years, however, I have come to a difficult place.

The message behind ?Dance with Me? is romance, purity, and complete devotion to Jesus. I believe it is that message that God has blessed and promoted through the music. In seeking His heart in this matter, I feel that although it is not about me and will never be about me, I have a duty to represent that sacred message in my life and actions. When my life, actions, and heart cannot support the message I promote, I must discontinue selling the product until they can.

I still need Him, more now than ever. No song, CD, or ministry can take His place. I have decided to stop selling ?Dance with Me? for now, in order to allow God to work deep character in my heart in this season. I am convinced this is what He is asking and I trust you will understand my decision.

John says, ?Unless a seed falls and dies, it cannot bear fruit?? My hope is that this will bring death to a good seed, and in the future, much better life and fruit - much deeper than finances and fame, CD?s and songs."

I hope that if I ever have to choose between ministry and Jesus, I would be able to make the right choice.


In this space I had some stuff typed out ... I took some extended time to be quiet tonight. To talk with Him and to listen to what He had to say, listening through what other people said, what I was thinking about. So I was going to blog about etc etc ... but I think I should keep those things to myself. Sometimes it is wiser to not to say anything. But I think these lyrics some things up conclusively:

Overwhelm me with the fire in your eyes / Overwhelm me, I am desperate tonight


*scratches head* Yeah I'm just as confused as the next guy; I'm learning to extend grace to others ... I would appreciate it if y'all would have the grace to rebuke me when I mess up and extend grace to forgive.


I just want Jesus.

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