Friday, January 30, 2004

"What Pride does to Revivals"
-Mark Squire.

Why are so many revivals destroyed by excesses, counterfeits, leaders falling into sin, deception, etc? Is there some singular key they missed which will protect us from the same fate?

I believe there is and it is HUMILITY.

Let's have a think about the above areas:

Pride: Will jump in to be associated with whatever sounds good, wants to impress, allows whatever pulls the crowds, is not worried about what is going wrong as long as the good stuff is happening.
Humility: Accepts wisdom and discernment from God, wants to be pure and holy, is not afraid to disappoint people, is careful with prohibiting and permitting.

Pride: Accepts small compromises, keeps secrets, focuses on the sin, attempts to resist in own strength, justifies self, entertains sinful thoughts, believes sin is not that bad.
Humility: Glorifies God in every area, is transparent and honest, focuses on Christ's death as atonement, submits to God then resists the devil and flees youthful lust, brings self unto submission, takes every thought captive unto the obedience of Christ, knows all sin separates us from God.

Pride: Follows the crowd, demands its way, cannot be corrected, judges by appearance, will change to become acceptable.
Humility: Can challenge the crowd, evaluates it's way, is open to correction, looks for fruits and lets God show roots, will change to become Christ-like.

Pride: Argues, decides hastily, is offended easily, tries to sound convincing, preserves ego, can be over-complicated or too simplistic, is insecure.
Humility: Keeps away from profane and foolish arguments, takes time to consider and pray, gives grace, says it straight, preserves friendship, discerns and avoids distractions but recognizes other factors in an issue.

Let's add some more:

Pride: Plays what sounds good, entertains, over-organizes or is impulsive, follows own ideas.
Humility: Selects lyrics which glorify God, worships in Spirit and truth, is orderly but listening, follows biblical values.

Pride: Convinces, exaggerates or plays down, attempts to be skillful, puts on an act.
Humility: Teaches, talks straight, relies on God to guide and confirm, is honest.

Pride: Pushes from the rear, manipulates, is domineering, boasts of self, enjoys position,
Humility: Leads from the front, asks, is gentle, boasts only in the Lord, accepts responsibility.

Pride: Murmurs and complains, is resentful, flatters, is in for what they can get, usurps or divides.
Humility: Upholds and supports, is respectful, praises genuinely, is in for what they can give. Submits or departs quietly.

Pride: Complicates matters, is angry when the smallest thing goes wrong, criticizes, wants everything it's own way, is careless.
Humility: Makes things as simple and efficient as possible, accepts that nothing is perfect, compliments, listens to other ideas, is thorough.

The word "revival" already has a negative ring to many. If there was true humility, people would see the difference even before God moves.

Jonah 3:10 - "When God saw what they did, how they turned from their evil ways, God changed his mind about the calamity that he had said he would bring upon them; and he did not do it."

See also: Matt 23:12, Col 3: 11-14.

-Mark Squire

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