Monday, December 15, 2003

I bought the new Delirious? CD. I think that's the only purchase I'll be making for myself. Other than a hard drive enclosure. Yeah, I think that's it. It's so hard to resist the urge to buy some new CD's. *groan*

I can't resist anymore =P ....

David Crowder Band: All I Can Say $12.98
Eoghan Heaslip: Mercy (Live From Dublin) $12.74
Anberlin: Blueprints for the Black Market $12.74
Rock N' Roll Worship Circus: A Beautiful Glow $9.98
David Crowder Band: Illuminate $11.88
Casting Crowns: Casting Crowns $9.99
Dakona: Perfect Change $8.99

That's a whole lotta change. Well no more shopping for me anymore :)

Had an awesome time chilling with SJCAC folk this evening. I noticed a couple of things, I probably won't write them in this space here because I know some of them read this :). Realized a lot of things about myself ... some good, some not. Anyway, looking forward to the week. Jamming with the SJCAC folk tomorrow night ... should be awesome stuff. Hanging out with some Lynbrook folk later in the week. Chilling with God alllllll week. :-D

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