Thursday, December 25, 2003

"His attitude toward his sacrifice was not sacrifice, but worship. That's the problem I have my friends. Is when God demands a sacrifice, we don't view it as worship. He didn't say, "Oh, I've gotta take my son, and I'm gonna kill him. Please pray for me as I go." He didn't say that. He said my son and I are going yonder to worship." Abraham does everything God wants him to do. ... Abraham does everything that God says. Lifts up the knife, brings it down, the angel stops him and look at what God says. God says, "Because you did this thing..." What did he do? Worship. "Because you did this thing, in that you did not withhold your son, your descendants shall possess the gates of your enemies." In other words, what you do today, and you give God a reason to move for your children, when he tells you to do something, He begins to bless those who have not even been born. Are you ready for that to happen? ... Sometimes God requires us . . . Will the word of the Lord affect your life? Will it affect your home? Your response determines the measure of blessing that will come out of these promises. I'm not talking about for the nation, I'm talking about your house, your children. I'm praying tonight that you would give an altar that has been sanctified by God's precious, precious word."

-- Kim Clement

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