Tuesday, December 02, 2003

cross-posting ... borrowed from the natroo's blog:

Charles Williams, a colleague and close friend of C. S. Lewis, wrote that romantic love gives us a new vision of one other human being, an insight into his or her "eternal identity." For a brief time, at least, romance gives us the ability to see the best in one other person, to ignore or forgive flaws, to bask in endless fascination. That state, said Williams, gives a foretaste of how we will one day view every resurrected person, and how God now views us. Romantic love does not distort vision but corrects it, in a very narrow range. The Bible uses explicit romantic images to describe God's love for us: What we feel in passing for one person, God feels eternally for the many.

I would say this is QUITE the interesting quote ... I am inclined to agree. Relationships are definitely the most rewarding and joyful things of this earth, yet also the things that can bring the most pain and discontent. Mmm...zesty. Bittersweet. :)

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