Saturday, November 29, 2003

Hrm ... spent some time chilling with God earlier today. I think its safe to blog now :). Attempting to think or ponder without God ... that's no good at all...

-- The CALL Texas is happening right now. I wish I was there.

-- Thanksgiving entry, in no particular order ... and if I forget you I'm sorry ... =P
Family: I praise God, because my heart towards my family has changed so much in the past year, even the past quarter. The parentals and siblings were down the past two days ... and it was good family loving. God is good. I can say that I love my family :)
Prayer Group: Sharon, Shaun, Tim and Yvonne. You guys rock. My life hasn't been the same since you guys, I am thankful that God saw it fit that I would be worthy to fight alongside such an awesome bunch. If there was such thing as spiritual kindred spirits, you guys would be it. Thanks be to God for your companionship, grace, love, and faith. May God take us deeper...
The roomie: Hey man, I'm thankful that I've had the opportunity to live with you the past two years ... and probably three. I couldn't have asked for a better roomie. Thanks for putting up with my whining about people and situations. You've grown a lot since our sophomore years. Keep pursuing God, you will find him.
Accountability Group: David, Shaun, and Tim. I love you guys. I am so thankful for the opportunity to know you guys heart to heart. I have been challenged and sharpened by your words of wisdom and lives that strive to glorify our Father in heaven. Keep on fighting the good fight ... may we die to ourselves. Its going to be good. David, may you live up to your namesake :). Shaun, my favorite Italian ... you bring joy to my heart, continue to be single-minded and set apart. I admire that in you. Tim, we go waaaay back now. We've been sharpening each other since high school, I am so thankful that its stretched into college. Thanks for your friendship and grace. All our talks about faith, school, girls, family and everything. God will be faithful to complete what he has begun in our lives. There will be some serious rejoicing when that happens.
Muir Leadership Group: You guys probably will never read this ... but I am so thankful that God brought us together. It was definitely tough initially, God pulled us through yeah? Matt, I grow to respect you more and more as a leader and a brother in the faith. I count it a privilege to follow where God leads you. Melinda, likewise :). You're a woman of God whose compassion is evident to all. Keep loving those sisters with everything that you have. God loves as you are. Yvonne, ms. taco, I am convinced that God has blessed me with the opporunity to work with you. You challenge me to walk the walk that I talk, thank you. Your faith is evident to all, and Jesus shines brilliantly through you. May He draw you ever deeper in the secret place! Nick, brother, your example is one that I look up to often. Thank you for your humility and determination to fight. I have been so blessed to hear of what God has done in your life. Grace, haha you always bring a smile to my face because the simplicity of Christ is evident in your life. Keep following him like a duck :)
Harvest folk: Ed, Bo, Jamar, Kebs, Steve C, Steve L, Steve S, Steph, Stella, Janet, Lee, Sabrina, Nora, Jenny, Angela. I know I'm no longer part of Harvest per se...but I still think of you guys. You've all been an encouragement to me at some point, and I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to cross paths. Grace and peace be with you :)
Muirons: I have grown so much in this community. I thank God for you daily. May we continue to be drawn into the divine romance, growing and stretching each other in the process.
ol' SJCAC folk: Daniel, Gary, Melanie, Xanthy, Byron, Steve, Jaeson. Thank you. You have all shown me grace .. more than I deserve. Thanks for reaching out to me when I've been more reculsive. You encourage me in the faith and I am ever thankful for your friendship. Your kindness and love is noted, I am not worthy to be a recipient of such grace. :)
Old Friends: Michelle, Sanny, Menzies, Brandon, Gabe, Linda, Jill, Lekha, Annabelle, Jon, Mike J, Mike L, and a host of people that I have failed to mention because I simply haven't talked to y'all in awhile. For the most part our relationships have stood the test of time. We're all different, but we all can still smile and laugh together when do hang out. Brandon, off your profile, we can't love whom we cannot laugh with. This is true. I hope that our paths may cross more often some day.

-- Heading into the Fall quarter home stretch. Run the race with perseverance.

-- Its going to be an interested Winter break. God, may your will be done. All I can do is put one foot in front of the other. You're the Sovereign One.

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