Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Why delirious, and namely martin smith .. r0x0rs. Absolutely brilliant. (in my most british of accents...):

It's 11.00 am US time and again I find myself in an airport excited about going home. Last night we played in a very pretty place called Boulder in Colorado and a great night was had again with some good people, which finished off a fantastic 10 day tour of the US. We fly from Denver today and land in at 7.00am Monday hopefully in time to take the children to school and catch up on domestics. It's always a tricky one getting home early in the day because you have to pretend that you're not tired but up for going swimming and playing enthusistically with barbie dolls while the dreaded jet lag creeps in. Being married, having children and being in a band means for a fantastic life but needs commitment and discipline to make it work. It can be done with good planning, the favour of God and a Godly wife!

Why am I saying all this? It's because I would have loved to have read stories like this when I was 15 years old and wanting to touch the world with music. Having Jons brother Ben on the road has made me realise again that the next generation of 'holy world changers' need all the help that you can get as you embark on a radical journey with God.

I have met many different people as we've travelled and it's the people who are looking at their lives 'wholistically' that seem to be the most 'whole'. It is wrong to put your 'ministry' before your family as you will cut off your right arm and will soon be ineffective and it is also short sighted to put your family before serving God as this will lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction when others around you are becoming 'movers and shakers'.

Of course none of us gets the balance right all of the time but we must try and this must be the mandate of a new 'worship movement' across the world. This is not just about lifting up the name of Jesus for the world to see but also about letting Jesus in to our lives to the point that we are changed. There is no point in singing songs to our creator unless we intend for this God to re-create us into people that are shaped in his image. People who love God above anyone or anything, people who are humbled by his 'majesty'.

So I have two prayers that I'm praying today. One is to see the glory of God come to our nations and the other is to stay awake tomorrow enough to give my four children love and attention and be a good man to my woman! You see both are valid prayers because both are about the kingdom of God and both are about faith at work.

Life is good if you see the good in it, cheers


Brilliant I say.

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