Friday, October 03, 2003

I've said it once, and I'm saying it again ... school is the best time for pondering, and thinking. There's something about being mildly distracted by a specific task at hand (i.e. paying attention to class), and being able to meditate on something about God.

A friend recently shared about the recent acquisition of a girlfriend. (Yes, I know I said acquisition. No, girls are not property. Yes, this a deliberate attempt to be out of the ordinary.) Ok, he shared about how God has been teaching him about what true beauty is ... and in the process, how he ended up with a girlfriend. (Chyeah ... I totally should ask God to teach me about true beauty ... *snicker* ... no just kidding, mostly).

Anyway, he talked about between how there seems to be a discrepancy between what the world terms as beautiful as far as physical appearance and God, who is the epitome of what is beautiful (I would assume). A lot of those self-esteem workshops or "positive-thinking" types, they tend to encourage the belief that "you are beautiful, no matter what people say." And to some extent, yeah, I believe that is true. God looks down at us and thinks each one of us gorgeous. But at the same time, when I hear someone like Christina Aguilera singing lyrics like that; its a very self-empowering thing, and I wonder where that power comes from. Those lyrics clearly speak to an inner beauty, but exactly what that consists of ... I'm not quite sure.

I don't think Jesus was attractive in the sense that we might understand Jennifer Garner or Michael Vartan (ok ok, TOTALLY alias moment right there) to be attractive. But I think there was a certain beauty in Jesus, there was an attraction there that others were drawn to.

I am convinced that my wife is going to be hot. Like seriously. I know for a fact. No, she may not be what the world considers beautiful; or she might be. But the fact is that, she's going to be absolutely gorgeous on the inside and going to be radiating out of her pores. I want to learn to love that type of beauty ... to be drawn to it, and to exude Jesus' beauty in my life. Hot diggity.

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