Monday, September 29, 2003

I'm saying this line too often: "Things have been going good."

It sucks offering generic answers when a more detailed one could definitely be given. It sucks even more when you don't know WHAT to say for a detailed answer because you're just as confused as the next guy. And. Yes, and its a bit frustrating when you don't know anyone who is really able to make sense of your life by asking the tough questions. Sometimes I want to get a handle on what's up so I CAN tell others how things are going.

Ok I'll stop whining now.


From the private files:

It's so hard to journal sometimes. I just want to record everything the moment God tells me something ... but its so hard to put into words. I had a chance to talk to Byron maybe a week ago when the frosh moved in. I mentioned how I love writing, but absolutely abhor the process. Which is definitely true, I love being able to articulate my thoughts onto paper; its very satisfying reading other people's thoughts when they are able to capture a moment or feeling into writing. But yeah, Byron was saying that if you can't organize your thoughts in words, chances are you can't organize your thoughts in your mind. Which is a definite challenge for me, because I tend to say "screw it" when I can't get my thoughts onto paper. Coherency is definitely something I lack in my thought processes :).

As such, I felt a bit inspired to journal more and blog more to train myself to write. God is so gracious, and he does indeed reveal wisdom and revelation ... I need to think those things through. There are times when Satan just throws weird thoughts into my head and my thinking gets convoluted and cloudy as I try to grapple with it in my head. In a sense, getting my thoughts out onto paper or in writing is very much like shining light onto it. Is it truth? Is it ludicrous? Its funny how sometimes can see so clear and "makes sense" in your head, but once you say it or write it out ... you might as well have stuck your foot in your mouth. Deception is a tricky thing. Duh. (<-- see, my brain is Captain Obvious).

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