Monday, March 17, 2003

Uggggh... wow, I haven't felt so mentally spent in awhile. I think the last time I felt this way was when I tried to think about girls. Bwahahahaha ...

So, I stuck to my plan and did some hard core studyage today. And it was good studyage. After some uhm .. frantic scrambling for some plans .. Chris and I headed over to Giesel to attempt to get some studying done. We met up with Angela, Val, and Jenny ... and proceeded to find no spots available. Obviously right? We waltzed in around 3 o'clock on the Sunday before finals and expected to find a big table available. Hah! In any case, I gave Ed a call and asked him to give me a heads up if a table opened up @ CLICS. Ah .. but that was before we discovered the studyage goodness of Center Hall. Completely abandoned, doors wide open, and no distractions and Center Hall is an excellent location for studying. And study we did ...

It was good studying ... though I'm starting to be convinced that I study best w/o music (contrary to what I think is best for me). All of us decided to head over to Pho for dinner .. which was largely uneventful ... with the notable exception of the pronounced Vietnamese dubbed old school hip-hop (it just felt weird man ... like you totally get used to experiencing something in a given context ... and then place it in another context? bizarre...). Then .. back to Center for more studyage. Three hours of uninterrupted hard core studying. Ow.

Unfortunately, I am getting a bit more worried as I study more ... which I think is a good thing .. because it means I'm learning. In any case, I'm pretty wiped. I was actually studying quite intently .. so no extraneous thinking that often accompanies finals was done. I still aim to avoid CLICS for the rest of the week .. but we will see. Perhaps I'll try to drag more people who want to study (REALLY study .. not CLICS study ;) ... face it people .. you don't get studying done attempting to be social ... anti-socialness comes with hard-core studying!) to Center ... it actually is a bit lonely =P.

Hrm ... hope to study smarter and not harder ... but we shall see ...

I pray that God's grace may be extended upon all you guys during this week ... its a tough week .. and your emotions will be stretched all over the place. Resist the temptation to allow that to wreck your week. If we can say God is good day in and day out during the quarter .. how much more can we say so during finals?

DAY 7 - AIM status: Chatted actually quite a bit today. Although one was valid excuse ... other one was just me wanting to take a break =P. Ended up talking to Steph a bit online ... which is always a blessing because she's an awesome character :). In any case, still standing strong. No deep ponderances at the moment.

Song: Silence

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