Sunday, March 16, 2003

Song: Dishwalla - Once In A While

Well I wish I could say that I had overwhelming desire to take the blasted which-friend-are-you!? or the which-care-bear-are-you!? test ... but alas, there was no freaking INKLING OF DESIRE of wanting to do so. In fact, there was so much "no inkling of desire" that it has spilled over into "i-would-not-take-a-test-if-my-life-depended-on-it-so-please-stop-taking-those-blasted-things-or-someone-will-get-hurt." Yup.

Mm. Well I must say its been a fairly ch'laxing as far as finals week is concerned. Prayer meeting last night with Yvvonne's (yes, two of them), Sharon, Shaun, Tim, Dave, and Jeremy was certifiably amazing. I think I have forgotten what it means to taste and know that the Lord is good (hehe .. Israel Honey ...). Came home around 1:30ish ... crashed around 2 and slept 'til 12:30 today. Most I've slept in awhile. And then... didn't do much at all :). Worshipped a bit ... studied a bit ... ate a bit ... ran in the rain a bit (hehe :)) ... had good secret place time. All in all very ch'laxing. And yes, as it is inevitable with much studyage (mm nerney terminology) ... I was thinking. Usually thinking is bad, but that's because I forget to ponder with God.

That being said, I intend on putting on some gas and getting work done tomorrow :). Perhaps at CLICS. Now, I know I vowed not to step foot in CLICS during finals week .. but that was before I remembered that I can't study at home too effectively. So I will head over to CLICS and find a little cubby and get some hardcore reviewing done (four hours ... dinner ... another four hours .. 'tis the goal). Perhaps 3:food:3. Dunno, whatever works. I hope I can find a table for myself ... studying in groups is an impossibility (w/o earplugs / headphones) unless you're studying for the same subject.

'Tis been a peaceful day. Rain is definitely suh-weet. It's pouring now :)

Also, its been a week with much new music ... quite excellent new music I might add. Perhaps I'll post a new list of "CD's of Desire" sometime.

DAY 6 - AIM status: I've signed on like ... four times or something. Two time to help someone with programming (I failed ... boo) .. and the other times for various non-chatting reasons (yeah, I know what you're thinking .. how can you sign onto AIM w/o intending to chat ... believe me ... you can do it). How am I feeling? I dunno, most of this quarter has seen me sign on, put up an away message for the whole day and come home at night. So yeah, I guess there's been a minute increase of anti-social feelings and isolation. In any case, its been alright; I'd like to say that I miss talking to my friends in Norcal ... but because I haven't been keeping-in-touch as it is ... I really can't say that as a result of not being on AIM. Anyway, more as the fast continues.

Song: Ideal - Whatever

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