Monday, March 17, 2003

"The quality read, Your God is Too Safe, by Mark Buchanan, has revealed to me what Scripture attests to: God demands wild obedience. The book points to C.S. Lewis� profound statement about God in the Narnia Chronicles. When the children ask whether Aslan is safe, being the lion that he is, they are given the simple reply, �Of course he isn�t safe. But he�s good.� God�s not busy providing steady bank accounts, Volvos with driver, passenger and side airbags or an unwavering stock market. God�s main business is His appetite for His glory and His desire to make us holy. There can be nothing safe in doing this, and the safe god that we�ve replaced the true God with cannot comfort, change or renew us�only God can." -- Relevant Magazine, "The God Who Reigns/Rains

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